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Jenny Dew

Addictions and relapse prevention

Having any kind of addiction can be damaging and potentially life threatening. Addictions often begin simply when coping with reality becomes very difficult, so drugs, alcohol, food sex or sometimes shopping gambling or internet use provide an attractive way to escape. The goal is to obliterate, medicate or ignore reality and this is often an alternative to letting oneself feel hurt betrayed or worried. In the beginning this escape provides relief, however when escaping becomes habitual, it often brings with it the illness of addiction. The result is often loneliness which is the most painful of all.

Treatment involves understanding the addictive process and how this impacts on the health and well being of the individual. Traditional drug and alcohol treatment centres sometimes do not have the time to work with the underlying traumatic experiences which means that the person is vulnerable to relapse. I understand the difficulties associated with this and so work with treatment centres to offer an outpatient service. In addition I have access to Detox facilities and good psychiatric support to help the addict address the addiction and underlying issues which drive it.

The treatment consists of not only identifying the current addictive behaviour but also being aware that other addictions may develop to replace it. Therefore I understand the importance of treating these compulsions and cross addictions at their source. This includes addressing childhood and adult traumas in which the origins are often found.

Are you suffering from an addiction?

If you recognise that you are suffering from any of these symptoms above, then please do contact me to arrange an appointment. All details are dealt with in the strictest confidence and I will be happy to offer help, advice and support for you.