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Jenny Dew

Dealing with addictions that can affect our day to day life

Without realising we can all suffer from different forms of compulsive behaviour. However, sometimes if left untreated these behaviours can begin to escalate so that they begin to impact on our lives and eventually then begin to effect those around us too.

This is particularly true with sexual compulsive behaviours connected with the Internet which is associated with living in the Digital Age.

Why does Technological Advances lead to Behaviour Escalation

1. Increasing access means decreasing inhibitors to impulsive problem behaviour.

2. It’s just so easy to find, get have and use… and faster.

3. Increasing accessibility through phones and I pads means sexual acting out is easier to hide.

4. Those with pre existing social emotional deficits such as teenagers no longer need to evolve a social skill set in order to be sexual.

5. Certain sexual behaviour considered illegal or offending in the real world can be accessed in secret.

From habit to addiction

For some people when a habit is formed it continues to grow without realisation and this is often because it is being used as a method of coping with the stress of life’s difficulties. But then it is very easy for a habit to become an addiction, and when this happens, the person who is addicted, will suffer.

There is no single reason or cause why addictions develop. We can all become addicted to substances such as alcohol, nicotine or drugs or indeed behaviours which can all begin to affect the way we deal with life. However all will eventually begin to affect us both physically and emotionally.

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