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Jenny Dew

Anger Management - Dealing with anger issues and problems

Anger can be a process that sometimes a person may use to protect themselves. However problems may occur if it is not managed in a productive or healthy way. Ultimately if the individual does not learn how to handle anger appropriately it can lead not only to relationship difficulties but can also result in ill health.

For example someone who may find it difficult to express an angry feeling, may then suppress the feeling which ultimately may mean this energy still has to go somewhere and mean that the next time the person feels anger,they may then release so much pent up emotion that they may then feel ashamed or frustrated.

Equally this could also lead to the person self harming or the anger could be taken out on an object instead of a person. Also there is a potential for this type of behaviour to become addictive, if the person then feels powerful when intimidating or humiliating others, it can become more regularly enforced. The aim of the sessions will be to enable the individual to understand any of the triggers so they can then learn to express themselves in a more healthy and not an angry way.