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Jenny Dew

Anxiety Issues - Feeling anxious and worried all the time

These days we are finding the demands of modern life increasing and more stressful. The rate of people experiencing anxiety disorders is reaching epidemic proportions, having to work longer hours, adjust to job insecurity, cope with increased demand and related environmental changes are among some of the factors that impact on our modern way of life. A certain amount of anxiety is helpful as it can alert us to things that are not quite right or help us to focus our energies in order to deal with difficult or dangerous situations. However too much anxiety can become damaging, as it prevents us from functioning and we need to learn how to handle it effectively and again in a more healthy way.

Treatment involves identifying types of negative self talk that people often engage in that promotes anxiety states. CBTis a very often used psychotherapy for anxiety disorder. It involves helping you to re-think the way you interpret changes in your body and the use of special breathing techniques helps reduce hyperventilation (dizziness caused by rapid breathing which reduces the carbon dioxide levels in the blood). The patients will learn appropriate ways to face the anxiety and get rid of the symtoms.