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Jenny Dew

Internet and Gambling issues - addicted to using the internet

The internet can be a wonderful tool for research, finding out stuff, finding business services, chatting with family and friends. The internet can also can lead to unhealthy addictions, such as being unable to go one day without using the internet, and more serious gambling issues, where one is addicted to gambling with money they may not even have. Gambling can affect people from all sorts of different backgrounds and ways of life.

It may be that you gamble on sports, buy lottery tickets and/or scratch cards, play on slot machines and use casinos. With the internet online gambling has become a huge problem, as most people can now access areas that they would not normally have come across. Many gambling related issues and problems can put undue strain on relationships, interfere with home and work committments, and inevitably may lead to financial ruin.

For those who fall into this category of uncontrolled gambling, otherwise also known as gambling addicts, they may even end up stealing money just to fund their destructive addictions. Often family, especially the children, will suffer as a result of out of control gambling problems. Sadly gambling addictions have even led to some people committing suicide. You may think, or even believe you cannot break this vicious cycle of gambling addiction, but just as with any addiction, it is treatable. If you think that you have a problem with gambling and would like to seek help from a qualified professional, then please do contact me and I will be happy to advise you on what you can do to break the gambling habit.