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Jenny Dew - Harley Street Therapist and Counsellor

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Jenny Dew

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30 Weymouth Street
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Jenny Dew

Psychotherapy & Counselling in Harley Street, London

Are you looking for Psychotherapy and Counselling that is professional, confidential and designed for your particular needs? Our psychotherapy and counselling services at Harley Street offer choices of private therapy consultations to individuals, couples, adolescents and families.

Jenny Dew is a fully qualified psychotherapist, who holds clinics in Harley Street. Self-referrals are welcome, or you may wish to ask your General Practitioner (GP), or other health care provider, to consider referring you to see us.

How do I know if I need therapy?

It may be that you have already realised that you have difficulties with issues such as managing anger, perhaps feeling anxious, or recently suffered a loss or bereavement. Perhaps there are different issues or you may just feel that something is wrong but are unable to identify exactly what it is.

Generally speaking, when something is wrong it can manifest itself in different ways such as -

having difficultly in sleeping;
having recurring or bad dreams;
changes in your eating habits, either not eating enough or over-eating;
unexplainable mood swings, one minute very happy and the next very sad.

You may find yourself bursting into tears, or having frequent outbursts of anger. Your behaviour may become more reckless, to the point where it is endangering your health and safety. You may find it difficult, if not impossible to talk to people, and start feeling isolated and withdrawn. Your concentration levels, and work abilities can also be affected.

Confidential counselling

To find out more about this, and to talk to one of our highly qualified and trained pyschotherapists, please click here to contact us. All information that you provide to us is treated in the strictest confidence. A comprehensive list of issues that we cover and can deal with is shown on this page, which will you help to decide how to best choose a psychotherapist or counsellor for help, advice and support.

Need someone to help me with depression
I don't want to feel sad all the time