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Jenny Dew

Relationship problems with partners, family or siblings

Some people say you can choose your friends, but not your family! Relationship problems with partners, family and siblings are probably one of the main causes of family breakdown and separation. Although relationships can be a great source of warmth, love, pleasure, excitement and support, there are also sadly times when they can also cause grief, anguish and anxiety if things go wrong.

Codependence/Relationship Issues

Relationships are an integral part of human nature and can be a source of love, pleasure and fulfilment. However difficulty in relationships is one of the main reasons people seek therapy. Often individuals can be high functioning, successful in careers, but unable to form healthy personal relationships. Maybe they are terrified of emotional intimacy, or seek to bond with people who are abusive to them, or frighten partners away with insatiable needs.

Often this results from childhood experiences, usually within the family of origin, that leave the person feeling flawed, inadequate or feeling like an outsider and often lonely so that often no amount of contact with others can fix. Attempts to medicate these intolerable feelings can lead to self-destructive behaviours.

By understanding and making changes to protect themselves with healthy boundaries the individual can unlearn unhealthy ways of coping so that they can become empowered to find love and respect in their relationships with others.